My principles behind supporting education in South Dakota are very important to me. The children are our future and we must do everything we can to insure that they are successful and become productive members of our society. Education is the cornerstone of that success and it is what allows us the freedom we have each and every day. Education is what gives us the opportunity to seek out prosperity and to better our situations. It is our duty to make sure the children in our communities are given a strong foundation to start their lives in a positive manner. The American Dream is what we all strive for, and without a proper education, children are put at a disadvantage to those who do have the resources to achieve what they want in life. I will continue to look at the current funding formula to insure that those educational needs are being met and I will work with other legislative members to determine how we can meet those needs with as little negative effects to the taxpayers who are funding education.


When it comes to government, I fully believe in maintaining a locally controlled government whenever that is possible. Each area of our state has different needs and ideas that they should be allowed to implement based on the citizens in their areas making the decisions that may affect them on a day-to-day basis. I will make sure that the state of South Dakota does not overreach into local issues that can be handled by the citizens within those areas. Only those people who experience the problems in our areas should be able to design the solutions that they feel best serves their constituents and their communities.

Business and Taxes

Being a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of creating a business friendly environment that allows businesses to grow without creating a negative environment with burdensome taxation and regulation. Economic prosperity is driven by the success of all businesses within South Dakota and we must work with them to insure we are not putting them at a disadvantage to operating in other states. I want to see all sized businesses grow within their communities and provide good jobs that allow workers to provide for their families without worrying about excessive taxation. It is your money that you work hard for, and I want to make sure that you keep as much of it as you can.


Healthcare is becoming an important topic as the current landscape shaped by the federal government continues to limit choices and free market principles within individual states. I believe we all need access to affordable healthcare which can be done by addressing the high costs within the medical industry.


Agriculture is the largest industry within South Dakota and our economy is very closely tied to the success of our family farmers and ranchers throughout the state. We must support these producers as they evolve and continue to learn how to be great stewards of our land. Through active education which is providing farmers with the best farming practices, paired with the newest technology while maintaining higher environmental standards, farmers are working to meet the ever increasing demand across the world. Together, we can make sure our family farmers continue to grow, be successful, and learn for the next future generation of farmers so we can continue that level of economic activity which will be key in the growth of South Dakota.

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